Save Documents In Office 2007 Compatible With Office 2003

One of the biggest problems I have seen with office 2007 is the new.XML format. When people receive documents created in this new format and they are using an older office suite they need to download the Microsoft compatibility pack to be able to open files created in the new format. . File created with Office 2007 are saved with an X at the end of the file format. For example, the new Microsoft word document format is .DOCX. The compatibility pack provided by Microsoft to convert the new office file format to the old office proprietary file format does not work as expected sometimes, and in return many people get frustrated when dealing with new office 2007 created files.

To make office 2007 save documents on the 97/2003 format regardless of want command you choose Save or Save Us. From any office application click on the office logo on the top left corner:

office button

then, in the case of Microsoft Word, click on Word Options.

office 2007 menu

when the word option menu comes up, click on Save on the left panel. on the Save files in this format drop down menu, choose Word 97-2003 document (*.doc)

save files in this format

click on OK and that should make Microsoft Word 2007 save document files with the .doc format regardless of what option you choose i.e. save or save us when saving a document. you can do the same for all other office applications.