Setting Up Outlook 2007 with RPC over HTTP

RPC over HTTP is a technology introduced in Outlook 2003 and Windows XP to connect to an Exchange server without using a connection like VPN, dial-up, or terminal server. you only need an Internet connection. many organizations use certificate to connect to their internal network, in that case you need to install the certificate first, and then setup the RPC over HTTP. in this article I assume we are not using any certificate.

to setup RPC over HTTP while Outlook is open go to TOOLS and then click on Account Settings:

Outlook account settings

When Account settings comes up, click on Change.

Outlook 2007 Change settings

When the Microsoft Exchange settings comes up, click on More Settings:

More Settings

then click on the Connection tab and then on Exchange Proxy Settings:

Exchange Proxy Settings

for the following settings you need to enter your own exchange server settings, but normally all the settings like the image below:

Exhange proxy settings

After you have entered the above information, click on OK on all open windows and restart Outlook. next time you open outlook it should ask you for a username and password to connect over HTTP. very simple uh.