How to make Outlook to open links on a different browser

I have 3 browsers installed on my computer, Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. I use all of them to test websites I design to make sure compatibility on different platforms, but for my daily Internet browsing I only use Firefox. On Windows 7 Internet Explorer is the default browser, and links in Outlook or Windows Live Mail automatically open using Internet Explorer, but if you don’t want to use Internet Explorer to open those links and you are using Windows 7, you can easily change that.

do the following.

click on the start button, and click on Control Panel. once in control panel click on Appearance and Personalization. on the left side menu click on Programs , then click on Default Programs. and finally click  on Set your default programs.


a list of programs should come up on the left:


select the browser you want to set as default and then at the bottom click on set this program as default. In my case that made Firefox my default browser to open links in all my computer.

if you still want Internet Explorer to open certain links like FTP sites or other protocols then click on Choose defaults for this program and choose the formats and protocols.

that should do it.