Create a Bootable USB Drive From a Windows 7 ISO

Most new laptops don’t ship with DVD-ROMs anymore so if you need to install a fresh or new operating system on a new laptop you need to do it from a USB thumb drive or any other USB based storage.  In this quick tutorial I will show you how to create a Windows 7 bootable USB drive.

Note: You need to have a legitimate Windows 7 ISO file to complete this tutorial. if you don’t have an ISO image you can download it from Microsoft on this URL 

Once you have the Windows 7 ISO image ready, download the USB/DVD tool from this website and install it. once you have finished with the installation, execute the program, and you will get the wizard:

ISO creator

Click on the Browse button and choose the Windows 7 ISO image, then click Next. On the next window, choose USB Drive and if your thumb drive is already plugged in to your computer the tool will recognize it, otherwise plug it in now,  and click on Start Over

Insert USB Drive

Click on the Begin Copying button

Format the USB drive if you get prompted:

Arase USB Drive

click on Erase USB Drive and the process should start after that.