Changing Static IP Address To Dynamic In Windows 7

This post is a reply to a comment posted by Yuly regarding a problem with her wireless access in Windows 7. the question is:

Hi Nelson,

I have a problem that when I try to connect wirelessly it connects fine but then says limited access! I am only able to connect successfully and access the net on my home wireless. I dont think it is an access point problem though because it doesnt work anywhere else i.e. not at anyone elses home, or school etc.??? It is so frustrating!!!! Please Help!

thanks for the question Yuly.

the immediate thing I would check when having a problem like this is the TCP/IP settings. if you can only connect to a wireless access point at home and nothing else, most likely your laptop has been setup with a static IP address. to check if this is the case, to do the following:

click on the Start button, and then click on Control Panel and click on the Network and Internet applet.

Internet applet

then click on Network and Sharing Center on the following window:

network sharing

on the following window click on Change adapter settings on the left panel.

change adapter settings

under the network connections, Right-click on the wireless network connection icon, and go to Properties:

network settings

select the Internet Protocol Version 4 ( TCP/IPv4) and click on Properties:


the TCP/IP properties will come up:

TCP/IP settings

Make sure “obtain an IP address automatically” and “Obtain DNS server address automatically settings are checked. click on OK on all the open windows, and see if your computer gets an IP address automatically.

I hope that helps, and thanks for for the question.