How to create an ISO image

There are many occasions when you would want to create an ISO image.  for example, when you want to  create an exact copy of a disk, you create an ISO image, when you modify a bootable CD, you create an ISO image, etc. in this tutorial I will show you the easiest and quickest way to create an ISO image.

2017 update

Most computers do not have a CD/DVD ROM anymore, but you can still use the “ISO Recorder” tool I mentioned below to create an ISO image of your content and then use a USB creator tool like this to burn the image to a USB drive if you need to. I just tested this tool on the Windows 10 creator update and it works fine.

Most CD/DVD burning software support ISO image creation, but if you use windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 10 you probably already know that it supports native CD/DVD burning, so we only need to add the ISO creation capability by downloading a plugin.

Open your browser and go to ISO recorder and download the plugin (power toy) for your Windows version ( If you are using Windows 10 download the new version ( V3.1 ) click on the .MSI file to to launch the setup wizard:

ISO recorder wizard

the installation should be straightforward, just click Next on all windows.

once you have installed the ISO recorder power toy, right click on any directory you want to create an ISO image of, and you will see the option to create an ISO image from the right-click menu:

Create an ISO image

The Create ISO image window will come up:

ISO Recorder

Basically, you can just click on the Next button here, but if have time, add the Volume label name, and choose the directory rather than the default where to save the ISO image.

you will find that the ISO image has been created:

ISO image

now if you right-click on this ISO image, you can easily burn it to a CD or DVD by choosing the option to Copy image to CD or DVD from the menu:

copy ISO image

from there on just insert a blank CD or DVD and click on next button to burn it.

that’s it. that’s how simple is to create an ISO image on windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 10.