Cannot Delete Folder In Windows 7

Sometimes a little things like not be able to delete a folder in our computer can drive us nuts. or so was the case with one of our users today. somehow when she tried to delete a folder on her system she got an error  saying:

Could not find this item: This is no longer located in C:usersusersprofiledocuments. Verify the item’s location and try again.

she was pissed off claiming why such a simple thing should require IT assistance.. I don’t know why she was getting that error, most likely the folder had gotten corrupted, but I was able to delete it by doing this:

get the short file name by typing the following command in the command prompt:

dir /x

for example, if the folder name you cannot delete is at this path: c:usersnelsondocuments then type “dir /x usersnelsondocuments” and grab the short name of the folder from the list:


after you get the short name of the folder then type this command at the command prompt to remove it:

rdpath of the folder

for example, to delete the folder I mentioned above, I would type: rd


that will delete such folder, once for all.