How To Setup A Wireless Profile On Windows 7

Recently I wrote a post on how to connect to a wireless access point on Windows 7, but at some point you probably will have to setup a wireless profile manually on your Windows 7 computer, so now in this article I will show you how to do that.

On windows 7, and on most of Windows versions, the wireless bar is located at the right hand side of the system bar, close to the system clock:

wireless bar

If you click on the wireless bar, the currently available wireless window come up:

Wireless Window


click on “Open Network and Sharing Center” that should bring you to the control panel network management utility:

manage wireless networks

click on “Manage wireless networks” as my nice arrow indicates (:> clicking on that should bring you to the wireless network utility, click on Add:


The manually connect to wireless wizard will come up. click on Manually create a network profile:


Enter the wireless access point on the next window that comes up:

Wireless connection

Enter your settings accordingly, and if you wish to, check the “Start this connection automatically”  click Next after entering your information. and that should setup the local profile for your wireless on your laptop.

Update: How to manage wireless profiles in Windows 10 

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  • wazdan

    I have tried all that but linksys coniction is not displaying web page i have win 7 r c but connecting is not completing. why can some one guide me step by step.

  • annonymous

    uh, for me, it doesn't even say Manage Wireless Networks. It just says Change adapter settings and Change advanced sharing settings. HELP!!!! I have ultimate for windows 7 if that helps

    • javad.ran

      i had a same problame with you
      but you can click on the start menu and wirte wireeless then it will shoy you manage wirelees network

      • almeja

        my computer is showing manage wireless networks but it ‘s not showing any items 🙁

  • annonymous

    oh yeah, and my laptop is a Toshiba Satellite M505-S4940 if that helps at all

  • oFloodfloo

    I don't have a password on my network, but Windows 7 won't connect without it. Can you tell me what to put in the password box. I did set it to No authentication but that didn't work.

  • When i press Manually create a network profile it says 'An unexpeted error occourred' 🙁 please help me

    • siko


  • Marko

    I have a problem. When I come to step when a need to create Manually create a network,I get an error "An unexpected error occurred" Can you help me please!!!! 🙂

  • Mike

    A big thank you to Forever Geeks. I just couldn't this to work until I followed the above instructions step by step – It worked first time! Thanks again.

  • Mike

    This is for "oFloodfloo" – I had the same problem not knowing the password for my network – It turns out that it was the "8" digit pin number on my Router…hope this helps…

  • andy oakes

    this has not resolved the problem

  • Kevan

    I have set up the local profile (using the third key) but now I don't know how to make it actually connect? Any ideas?



  • This is a problem with Widows 7. I tried all the wireless adapters, even cheap ones with ubuntu and it was working flawlessly. I have spent useless hours trying to solve in windows 7 but none..

  • mohammad

    when i contact to net by my laptop i try to sent net to other laptop i couldn't it contact between other by wirless but it wasn't sent net

  • Freddie

    I personally prefer window xp service pack to and three. they are less complecating to me. my windows 7 will not connect to wireless and when i click on the network button at the bottom it only show diaup and not wireless.. please help me. understand what is going on. why did this people creat such a bad software

  • lostinwin

    my wireless did not show any connection at connections are available, but can not connect, please help, been trying to get this wireless thing done for 3 days.

  • Vrose

    Still not working, msoft have to do something on this issue. I am considering as this issue as default of the product – windows 7. Msoft engineers wake up, do something.

  • had enough

    I,m with lostinwin been trying for 3 weeks, get network showing – connections available, but unable to connect.Have manually entered the network on my d-link to match the network available but still will not connect.

  • ArghhWireless

    I create a wireless profile but it never shows up in available connections even though I have wireless and I'm stuck using a different connection that I don't even know is secure. WHY?

    • Larry

      same here, have wpa2 home network, hiden SSID, I create manually wifi profile, but it never shows up in available networks.

  • IIIelendez

    i have a windows 7 acer ad i dont know how to set up a connection
    i wanna play my ps3 online and dont know how to do anything please help

  • South of the James

    I have the same problem as annonymous :

    uh, for me, it doesn't even say Manage Wireless Networks. It just says Change adapter settings and Change advanced sharing settings. HELP!!!! I have ultimate for windows 7 if that helps.

    I'm actually looking to put the Wireless Network Wizard on a flash card off my computer which
    has the router set up on and run it on another computer which is sharing with mine to get the
    connection straighten out. If anybody can help me with this idea, it would be greatly appreciated.

  • you got to reset your router, then apply the above mentioned approach

    • Rthrfly

      Reset the router to out of the box settings? Or just hit the reset button. I currently have a Verizon Fios Actiontec Router. Is there a special way to reset that to fix this problem? Will this make the Manage the Network button appear in the manual set up area?

  • Kvw14552

    I have the same issue 🙁

  • Fisher Barry

    I do not see “manage network settings” as an option on my computer in windows 7 Network center.  Why Not?

  • ll12_u

    Thanks, good one to start with.

  • GASANGWA Maurice François

    My wireless connection is not protected, everyone can acccess as he/she wants.
    My problem is this: I sometimes receive people from different areas with their computers full of other wirelesses and when starting to use mine , they don’t come to access to mine.
    Last, my computer shows that wireless is available but connecting is a problem
    What should I do?

    Kind Regards,

  • Kristain

    Useful information.

    • Nelson

      Kristain, thanks for your comment.

  • What if on the wifi symbole at the right hand corner of the desktop shows a big red “X”

    • Nelson

      A red mark means the adapter is disabled.. check if the switch is on or the drivers are installed…

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  • Julis

    Thanks For this nice post !!
    I found another thing if those steps didn’t work right away. (especially when you guys boot your computer/laptop using another system like ubuntu etc, right in the same hardware)
    today, some antiviruses come and takeover your native windows firewall, like BitDe**nder, No**on, etc. with the program crashing (those Antivirus), it is unlikely also the Firewall bundled with them is also stop working. I found that even uninstalling those programs with unrecommended steps (Using directly uninstall through Control Panel) the system become unstable, it produce an annoying internet connection problem. I think they are programmed to block all connection when they are not uninstalled using recommended steps like nort*n with their Nort*nRemovalTo*l.
    With my lack of information, i used to reinstalling my windows to get rid of the connection problem after failure to make any Internet Connection since I removed the BitDe**der (I never use this AV anymore)

    • Julis

      *Please Correct this Line*
      I found another thing if those steps didn’t work right away. (especially when you guys boot your computer/laptop using another system like ubuntu etc, right in the same hardware)

      I found another thing if those steps didn’t work right away. (especially when you guys boot your computer/laptop using another system like ubuntu etc, right in the same hardware and able to make wifi connection)


      • Julis

        Another Error Happen
        I’m so sorry that i didn’t realize that I’ve commented on a wrong post, instead of commenting to This Post.
        Please remove this Comment. thanks

  • Akio Johnson M

    Great software

  • jujubean123

    ok so right after i installed windows 7 home perimum , it will not connect to the internet and it shows a x over the network groups and i dont know how to trun my wifi back on.. help plzzz!! :/

    • Nelson

      Install the drivers for the computer again.

  • supadupa

    Make sure that your wireless is on