Why Windows 7 SP1 Takes So Long To Download?

Today I decided to rebuild my computer system because it was running slower than usual. after doing a complete back up of my files, and installing the OS, I have spent the last two hours installing updates, and security patches. it’s been more than 45 minutes since I started downloading Windows 7 SP1 through the windows updates, and still 24% completed:


I do not know why the hell Windows 7 takes so long to download a 88 MB file ( Fiber Optic 100 Mbps up and down Internet speed ) my laptop runs on a i3 processor, and 3 GB of RAM. with this hardware this laptop shouldn’t  be this slow, and I have loaded Windows 7 many times for other users, and it always takes almost an hour to download the service pack.. the question is why?

then after restarting. the assembly process. another 30 minutes.


Microsoft operating system keeps getting bloaty and bloatier in every release. I wonder how Windows 8 will be, it probably will require a full day to install, and another to run the updates.

I started the Windows 7 installation around 3:30 PM, and its 8:49 PM, and still haven’t finished the setup yet. this is ridiculous!!