Windows 7 Minimum Requirements

Windows 7 is the next Operating System release from Microsoft.  I’m using it on my working laptop since Microsoft made available Windows 7 beta for download, and so far I have nothing but praise about the OS. I’m pretty sure the official public release will be much better than the beta version. so, you might be wondering what are the requirements to run Windows 7  with full features? is it a hog resource like Vista? not quite. I installed Windows Vista on this the same laptop and I had to uninstall it because it was too slow and not compatible with many essential applications  I use at work. I haven’t had any compatibility issue with Windows 7, and Windows 7 is much quicker than Vista or XP, or so it seems. the hardware on my laptop is as follow:

Windows 7 requirements

The video card is Mobile Intel(R) 945 Express Chipset Family which supports the DX9 graphics for the aero candy look stuff. I have a CD/DVD RW which is required for the installation of windows 7 DVD.

as you can see, my hardware is not very powerful, in fact this laptop is more than 2 years old, laptops today are built with better hardware to support the new OSs resource demand. but what’s the minimum requirements to run Windows 7? the official requirements for Windows 7 are:

  • 1GHz processor (32- or 64-bit)
  • 1GB of memory
  • 16GB of available disk space
  • Support for DX9 graphics with 128MB of memory (for the Aero interface)
  • A DVD-R/W drive

These are basically the minimum requirements to run Windows vista, but I believe you should be able to run Windows 7 on less powerful hardware. probably you won’t be able to run the sleek look on Windows aero, but windows should perform just fine on:

  • 1 GHz processor
  • 512 MB of Memory
  • 15GB of Hard drive space – if you disable the system protection and system restore on the computer you should be able to run windows 7 on a smaller hard drive.

well, the only big difference there is memory, I believe Windows 7 can be ran comfortably with 512 MB of memory.

what do you think?

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  • thanx for da post…

    i have almost the same config as u mentioned…

    nw my doubt is how do i "find out how much graphics memory is in use in windows 7"

    anyways i have 1gig of RAM + intel 945 express chipset family integrated graphics.
    my rating is 3.2 (got dat for aero experience) … so can i continue using the aero theme on windows 7 without any problems?

    thanx in advance

  • I am so worried about minimum requirement. My computer is 4 year old and I still get good speed on XP. I think I only going to miss Aero interface otherwise my system meet minimum requirement. I will definitely report here after installing the Windows7 RC version to help others.

  • mark

    People dont worry im testing 7 on alot of computers and even the little notebooks you can get i have two in the house and they run perfect. also im running it on one thats 5 years old a 64 bit amd 2600+ everything working well better than vista easy and xp iv just forgotten about. Dont forget alot of problems will be solved by using direct x 9 instead of 10 will help older computers and 7 also uses less system resources id say go for it what have you got to loose. if you dont want to do anything to the os your using now get an old hard drive and try it with that. You can easily just connect the old one up and use that for a while.

  • ravi

    hi, i have vista premium installed on my hp notebook(pavillion dv6502) .
    processor is AMD turion 64*2 mobile 1.8 ghz and RAM 1gb. Display adapter NVIDIA GeForce/nForce 630M.
    does my notebook meet minimum requirements for windows 7 if yes than how could i arrange various drivers because i faced network drivers problem when i installed XP on a partition.

    PLZ Suggest ASAP

  • Nelson

    Hi ravi, yes your laptop seems to be capable of running Windows 7, even though 1 GB of memory might be low, I have seen windows 7 running just find on low hardware computers, so you should be fine.

    regarding the drivers, windows 7 does a pretty good job finding the proper drivers for your hardware that I believe you won't need to install any driver by yourself. when I installed Windows 7 on my Dell XPS 1012 laptop, it found all the drivers for it.

    give it a try, and see the results, you should be fine.

  • Melanie

    I have a Dell Dimension 3100( bought in 2006)currently running win XP x86 home edition. I ran the win 7 upgrade advisor and everything came back compatable exept the graphics card( which I will upgrade asap!) after that I want to know if I can upgrade over xp or do I have to do a clean install? I've been on so many help forums, some say you can upgrade others say no. This seems to be the only site that is consistantand helpful, PLS HELP SOOOOO FRUSTRATED!!
    BTW, I plan to run win 7 home prem. nothing specail. THX in advance 😉

  • Spirit Wolfe


    If you ran the Windows Advisor then I should say you are golden! [] However,you need to do a CLEAN INSTALL; this is my professional opinion because there is NO WAY to save your settings. The OS are just too different. IF you had VISTA then you could do the upgrade with no problems. BUT! I would still recommend a CLEAN INSTALL because I have never seen an upgrade last as long as a clean install does. There have been times where you needed to re-install the OS anyway. But I ALWAYS RECOMMEND that when a person wants to upgrade their OS to a newer version that they get the FULL VERSION (which does the clean install, FYI :), anyway. I, personally,mind you, NEVER liked the idea of using just the upgrade version of any operating system (OS) because an upgrade does not act in the same way as a full version does. If for some strange reason in the future you needed to do a clean install and you just had (purchased only) the upgrade OS instead of the full version OS then you would be FORCED to install Windows XP or higher AND THEN install the UPGRADE version of the Win7 OS. This is the way Microsoft describes it in their forums.

    So to recap:

    YES YOU CAN USE THE UPGRADE (from XP (and higher)) OF THE WINDOWS 7 OS . . . . .

    BUT . . .

    In my experience I would get the FULL VERSION and do a CLEAN INSTALL versus the upgrade option any day of the week! []

    By the way, You CAN use a FULL VERSION to do an upgrade install, but why bother.

    Also, the main differences between the three "flavors" of Windows 7 Home, Professional and Ultimate are as follows:

    Home Edition: Improved Desktop, speed, small network integration, etc.

    Professional AND Ultimate Editions: In addition to above: Can run what is called "XP Mode" which is about a 500MB download from Microsoft's site, of a "virtual" XP OS that runs in a Window UNDER Windows 7. Both also have a Domain Join feature an automatic backup feature for home and business.

    Windows 7 PROFESSIONAL: Has one major difference between itself and Professional: and that would the BitLocker(tm) program which is basically like TrueCrypt. It gives you that extra security that you can encrypt your hard drives with a password so that they cannot be copied even if the hard drives get pulled from the system onto another computer without your password. (The final is that you can switch between 35 languages; big deal! 🙂

    I hope this helps you, Melanie and all the rest of you wondering what to do!

    Cheers! Good Luck

    Spirit Wolfe

  • Tim

    I am concerned about it. you guys are mentioning 2-5 year old computers. My laptop is almost 7 years old, and works amazing with xp, concerned I can't say the same when I get 7.

    I'm using an hp pavilion zv5000

    3.0ghz Pentium 3
    2 gigs of memory
    128mb video (best at its time)
    windows xp

    with xp and some tweeks, this runs faster then any of my roommates or friends lap tops. Can play world of warcraft without error or lag, as well as counterstrike source.

    Clearly it can't play games as great as newer laptops, but for almost all other tasks its response time is nearly instant. I think it's due to xp.

    • your website is too slow in accessing searches

  • VG

    I have a system configuration of
    Intel Pentium 4 processor of 3.06 Ghz
    Asus Motherboard of P5GC/MX1333
    2048 Gb Ram
    Nvidia Geeforce 8400 512Mb Graphic card
    160Gb hard disk [hard disk is very old]
    Will this configuration be enough for running a 32-bit windows 7 OS , And will Adobe photoshop CS4/CS3 and Lightroom 3 run smoothly or do I need to upgrade anything ?

  • Used to install win 7 OS with below specs and its run smoothly. no problemo:-

    Pentium 4
    512Mb Ram
    20Gb Hdd

  • Volker Bause

    Unless you are planning to run Windows without a proper anti-virus and applications such as MS Office, it is idiotic to say the least to run Windows 7 on a computer with only 512MB RAM.

    Also worth considering is which version of Windows 7 you plan to run and what you are trying to achieve.

    Any serious computer user would not even attempt to run Windows 7 on a machine with 512MB RAM. Yes, it is possible but your machine will initially if not eventually spend more time swapping memory to page file than doing anything useful. Even Windows XP struggles with 512MB RAM, even with the home edition. Don't be fooled into believing Windows 7 is any different. If anything, Windows 7 requires more hardware resources.

    Besides all that, Windows 7 has very little extra to offer. In my opinion it is more about sparkle, eyecandy, (b(l)ing) than any thing else. Personally I have to say that for over 8 years of developments, not considering Vista which can be seen as nothing less than a Windows 7 Beta, very little significant has changed. I have yet to find something that can be done with Windows 7 that cannot be achieved with Windows XP (I am not talking about software that specifically targets Windows 7, i.e. games).

    Using an Internet security suite to protect yourself against over a million threats out there, you would be foolish to say the least if you think you can get away with a poor or no anti-virus. All the significant ones I know which aim at protecting you against the internet use at least about 512MB RAM. If you only have that much, how do you think you are going to get anything done.

    My personal opinion is that unless you can upgrade to more than 2GB RAM, don't even consider it unless you only want to type a letter in which case a Windows 7 purchase defeats the purpose. If you have 2GB RAM, think about purchasing a FPP (Full Package Product). This should allow you to transfer the license to a new PC or Laptop.

    Look at the different Windows 7 packages out their and consider what you want to do with it (For the next 5 years i.e.). If bling is what you want, maybe you should consider Linux with KDE 4 as desktop manager. It is free and can do most of what Windows 7 does + a lot extra which Windows 7 can't do. Personally I would recommend something like OpenSUSE Linux (My own choice of Linux) but you get many different flavors (i.e. Fedora, Kubuntu, Ubuntu, Mint etc). KDE is developing at a staggering pace and taking into consideration virtualization technologies like Linux KVM, Oracle Virtualbox, Parallels, VMWARE, etc. I would not be surprised if in the next couple of years Linux takes over a big share of the Windows market. It already stared happening last year and as Linux becomes bigger, it will just become more difficult for Microsoft to sell their products. Companies like Google are posing a serious threat. I am not a Linux fanatic but having started to use it over 5 years ago, I find myself using it more and more every day and have seen and used its capabilities on a daily basis. Personally I use it 75% + of the time. I do have Windows 7 Ultimate FPP (Bought separately), Pro and Home Edition (On Laptops) and in my opinion, their is nothing special about Windows 7. Without add-ons, Windows 7 has very little to offer. Every time a new KDE desktop is released, my eyes lit up as was the case if the days of DOS, Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. In my eyes, NT based systems have been a big problem. Windows XP fixed the problems of Windows 2000, Millennium and 98 and Windows 7 tried to fix the problems of Windows XP while trying to add something new to make the product sell. If you have a 64 bit machine, which can upgrade to 4, 8, 12 or even 16GB RAM, I can recommend Windows 7 but if you have less, think twice and if so, buy a Full Package Product which can be transferred to a new PC or consider saving up for a new PC. The FPP package versions come with 32bit and 64bit Windows which is also important. If you buy a new PC, you must think about running 64bit. There are simple to many limitations in 32 bit operating systems and software.

  • Mac

    Tim I also have a HP DV5000 laptop and it took the Windows 7 operating system fine, rating is 1.0, the Aero Peek doesn't work, but the system works fine and it's less vulnerable to viruses. I plan on an upgrade the video which will solve the the Aero Peek issue but for now I'm happy.

  • Mac

    VG you will have no problems with Windows 7 32-bit on your system, your rating should be between 3 and 4. This feature, updated for Windows 7, rates the performance of key hardware components such as the CPU, disk drive, and graphics card. The PC is then given a score between 1.0 and 7.9.

  • Anonymous

    Win7 system is really much faster than XP, but there is an easy way to speed up your XP, tuneup360.

    • Mr. Wahsdarb

      what’s tuneup360??

  • plese send the mimimum requirements of windows 7.

  • I need more information about windows 7 32bit

    Guys can ma Dell gx60 pentium 4 2.4ghz
    40Gb hdd
    64Mb video memory run Windows 7 32bit?? please help me out

  • emmanuel

    Can my Dell Latitute D610 be able to run Windows 7 efficiently?

    • Nelson

      No, Latitude d610 is too old to run Windows 7.. the video card most likely does not support Aero, and the processor and memory are just too low to run a huge OS like windows 7.

  • ubaid durrani

    windows 7 is the most easy freindly interface windows don’t worry use it .

  • ubaid durrani

    windows 7 is most easy and user freindly windows .

  • prabin tripathy

    my pc is esys wzard and mother board is intel atom ,1gb ram,160HDsk.can windows 7 run it praperly?

  • sea

    windows 7 is user friendly windows, but Xp is support more softwares and easy speed up..

  • amrit

    i have
    1 GB ram,
    40GB HDD
    INTEL PENTIUM 4 ,2.40GHz
    can i run win 7 in my pc.
    someone help me out please.
    contact me with

    • c

      Yes you can. I have 1GB RAM and 1.8 GHz CPU Windows 7

  • ana

    apakah intel atom inside bisa diubah ke windows 7?

  • Farhad

    I have Pentium 3, which has-
    Intel 1GHz procesor,
    512 MB RAM,
    64MB AGP (nVidia GeForce 4 mx 4000)

    Can I run WINDOWS 7 on my pc? Please send me a email on my mail adress.

    • Nelson

      Hi Farhad,

      No, you cannot run windows 7 on that computer. The processor is too slow and it does not have enough memory. Sorry.

      • Ash

        Can any one solve my problem

  • Mr. Wahsdarb

    guys please help me out… I’ve got a pentium 4 processor, 2.5GB of ddr2 ram, 80GB of hdd and a 512MB graphics card!!

    will my pc be able to run windows 7 home premium?

  • Saurabh

    During install photoshop cs4 my pc is restart automatically and setup is not completd……. anyone please help me!!!!!!!

  • arjun

    my is laptop.with 1gb ram,1.89GHZ,intel pentium mobile processor.can i run windows 7 ultimate on my laptop.what is directX 9 & graphic card.send reply now itself,pls,plss

  • Huzaifa Munir

    it should work on a computer with 512mb ram but u could have slight problems

  • Mashud Hassan

    I have wipro desktop with intel 945 MSI M.board,Celeran D with 1.63 GHz Speed,1.5 GB DDR2 RAM,80 GB hard disk,Pls Help How can i run window 7,It run Vista beautfully.

  • jb

    guys i do have 39gb hdd and 244mb ram…can i run windows 7???

  • ALI

    hi all
    this is ali here,
    RAM 512 MB
    HD..160 GB
    Processor 3.3 ghz..
    system name IBM 0F161C6FE7D
    i am using win 7, internet is connected but i am unable to access internet , getting the error msg that
    you are not authorized. or HTTP error……….so plz help me, how to get access internet…

  • chris

    I Think we all know now.
    7 is PANTS unless you got 2 cores, and 2 gig of ram.
    CPU SCORE 3? snoresville.It takes 5 seconds to open
    control panel!
    so downgrade to xp or invest in hardware, you risla cheapskates!

  • chris

    laptops make me puke.
    I have had failed 3 yr old sony vaio’s stolen from my tool cupboard,
    before i could even strip them for spares for my Dad to ebay.
    Get a real pc you risla shirt handlers

  • Dell

    hi, my laptop is dell inspiron 1420 featured with intel core 2 duo t5800 2 ghz processor and 2 gb ram my windows7 experience index is just 2.2 due to the processor subscore. i expect it should be around 3 something. is there smething wrong with my processor? help me guys if you knw to fix..thx

  • Dave

    Can I run win7 on my computer(pretty old)?

    512MB of RAM
    32GB Disk space

    Maybe I can install it if I would buy like 1 or 2GB of RAM?

    • Nelson

      yes, you will need at least 1 GB to run Windows 7 comfortably. also make sure your Video card supports Windows 7 as well.. otherwise you won’t get the Aero effects, and transparency on the OS..


  • Niroj

    thanks for that now i get much easier to use ma computer by installing win7

  • ana

    hi guys i have a acer aspire 5610
    op win7 ultimate 32 bit procesor genuine intel(R) cpu T2250 @ 1.73GHz 4 gb ram and 200 gb hard grafic card mobile intel(R) 945 expres chipset family but all games wichy i instal not work it say abut my grafic video card not compatible whit mobile intel(R) 945 expres chipset family what i can do?pls help:( i instaled crysiss 2 and not work..:(

  • Hamid

    Hi there
    i unfortunately use the Xp Sp3 until now
    ram 512
    Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU3.00GHz , 512 MB RAM
    I want to install Windows 7 but i need some advice about it.
    Can I use the windows 7 or not ?!

  • psanjana

    Hello Friends
    My Config are as-
    1.6 GHz processor (32bit)
    1GB of RAM
    80GB HDD 7.48GB System partition space and whole available disk space is more than 20 GB
    Support for DX9 graphics with 128MB of memory (for the Aero interface)
    A DVD-R/W drive

    I am facing problem of SM Bus controller in xp sp2
    Can i use windows 7 for above cofigeration????

  • Tom

    Guys cool it jeez, I have tonnes of old hardware here, and I can report that windows 7 runs smoothly with 512mb of DDR2 533MHz and 1gb of DDR 333MHz. It will also run with 64MB of 133MHz and an 800MHz CPU! Obviously it isn’t a particularly enjoyable experience, but it works nonetheless. But so a few people can sleep easy, windows 7 ultimate 64bit runs like a dream with my old p4 desktop: (aero enabled etc)

    Pentium 4 2.8GHz @ 3.15GHz
    2GB (2x1GB) DDR 333MHz @ 387MHz
    ATI Radeon x1050 (9550) 256MB DDR (40% overclock, yep crazy)
    80GB Western Digital 5400RPM HDD

    • Nelson

      Hi Tom, thanks for your comment.. have a nice weekend.


  • Tom

    Sorry guys, I meant 32bit!

  • I have a hp laptop,pentium m with a 512mb RAM..Can i install window 7? If no which of the windows can i use?please help me out

  • I tried to install a window xp in my hp laptop pentium m with 512 mb of ram which formerly uses windows xp,i installs to some point,it dispay a blue screen with some words such as error,00*00000000 and other words..what could be the cause..i need ur help

  • Noah whittington

    Actualy it can run just fine with a pentium processor and it also runs very decent with 1 gigabite of mammory. I have a computer with those components.

  • jinga

    my pc is
    ram 768
    processor 2.4ghz
    hard disk 40
    vga 128mb

    whats the most suitable OS for my pc which is sleek and pretty cool?

    • Nelson

      use Ubuntu..

  • SomethingSomething JoeShmo

    Proper grammar please. No one takes you seriously when you can’t even put together a grammatically correct sentence – at least I don’t. If your paragraphs look like a five year old nerd on a computer put it together, then you need to take a serious second look at your post before you post it.

    Besides my rant: to relieve some of the above poster’s concerns, according to you can successfully run windows 7 with 512mb of RAM. Whether it functions smoothly certainly depends on your own definition of how you like to run your computer, but it will at least install properly if your hardware is running on the minimum specifications – in terms of the most popular discourse, running at least 512mb of RAM.

  • Marc

    I just installed W7 64bit on my XPS M1330. Here is my config:
    Intel Core 2 Duo
    T7500 @2.2GHz
    Memory 4GB
    HDD 160GB

    (Used to have Vista Ultimate 32bit)

    My recomendation is install it clicking F12 when booting with the W7 DVD inside, and then follow the instructions. It will save the Vista in a massive 30GB file called windows.old in your c:drive but then use Tren Micro Titanium Maximum Security to do a real 7 pass wipe out of the file to delete it from your computer for real. It will cost you like $10 on eBay but it’s the best security for your computer (anti virus, anti spyware, firewall, file erase, etc). It will take like 7 hours, but once it’s gone some traces will remain on windows.old so just delete the leftover file (windows.old) like you would any other file.

    The only problem that I found is that when I do start/computer/properties, it shows me a rating of 1.0 because of Windws Aero graphics (everything else is 5.9 and up). I can’t even notice the difference because it seems to run perfectly. I don’t plan to do any gaming, so I couldn’t care less.

    If anyone knows if I can change the graphics card, I would appreciate it if you tell me, a what will work, just in case I decide to make the change.


  • harshit

    can i run windows 7 on 512mb ram

  • dx master

    my computer requirements are: Intel(R), Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.00GHz, 384MB of RAM,,,, can i install windows & on it??

    • dx master

      sorry,,, WINDOWS 7*

  • lesley

    what are the basic hardware requirements for windows 7 and the function of each hardware component?

  • Muhammed Mudassir Khan

    My Computer Specification

    IBM D865 Motherboard

    2.8 GHZ Intel Processor
    1 GB RAM
    80 Gb Hard Disk
    96 MB Video Memory ( Built In )

    Is it good for me to install windows 7 ???

    Urgent Reply Needed.


  • Wayne

    I currently have a Toshiba Satellite A100 laptop version 2002. Windows, XP home edition, sp/3,1.73 GHz processor,1.49 GB of ram. I know… it’s time to get a new computer. I have a new copy of windows on disk and when I try to load it as an upgrade it gives me an error. “Your computer can’t run this version of Windows.You need an installation disk that’s compatible with your`computer. For more information, check your computer’s system information.” It says it is intended distribution with new PC. it is service pack 1 and 64 bit and is the Home Premium version. Is there a way I can upgrade to windows 7 with this?

    • pls fwends i just want to get a me on wat a gud window 7 pentium 4 must have to make it perfect…i mean wat shuld be my requirement ?its urgent

  • Subhash Das

    Hi guys, i am using 6 years old lenovo brand laptop using window xp, and now i am phasing some starting problems since some days, now i wanna change my OS, but my lap configuration is very old, it has 512 mb memory, 1.83 GHZ processer, and hard disk space is 80GB, so my question is that can i use window 7 with these configuration or if its unable to compatible with these configuration, so in this case can i change my laptop configuration as per window 7 requirement demanded, please guys reply soon because i am suffering starting and slowness problem and its prevent to do work fast. reply soon

  • Hey guys im having
    p4 3.0ghz processor x86
    915/910gl motherboard
    1gb ram
    80gb hdd
    192mb video memory
    can i run win7 basic
    does it will run fast?……..

  • Ash

    Hey mr.nelson
    I wanna ask u that can I install windows 7!!in my computer
    Here is my comps configaration
    1024 mb ram
    Intel pentinum 4 with 2.40 ghz processor
    But a poor vga card of 64 mb
    Though I have a hard disc of 320 gb hdd
    I know I have very old configaration but please inform as fast as possible