how to increase the font size on menus in Windows 10

If the menu font size appear too small in Windows 10 for you, here is a quick way to change it. Up until now I’ve been just customizing the display for people that have asked me how to resize the fonts on their computer because the text appears too small:

customize display Windows 10

But doing that will also decrease the solution on your screen. to increase the size of the font on menus without changing the resolution on your screen, right-click an empty space on your desktop, and go to Display Settings:

display settings

Then click on Advance display settings:

advance display settings

Then click on Advanced sizing of text and other items:

Advanced sizing of text and other items

Then under the Change only the text size option, choose Menus from the drop-down list:

change only the text size window

Choose the font size you want, you can also bold the text on menus if you  need better visibility. Click on Apply when you are ready.