Block Windows 10 upgrade on Windows 7

Microsoft is aggressively pushing Windows 10 to people using Windows 7 now, they might even start upgrading Windows 7 computers without  getting the consent from the user. If you are happy with Windows 7 and don’t want to upgrade to Windows 10 , then use this tool to block the Windows 10 upgrade option in your Windows 7 operating system.

To do that, download the tool from the above URL, and execute the .exe file ( your antivirus might pick up the .exe file as a threat, so allow it to run if you are prompted to do so. You should get this:

Windows 10 upgrade enabled

If you see red letters, that means you probably have the Windows 10 upgrade icon on the taskbar:


Click on the Disable Win10 Upgrade button, and the red letters should turn to green:

disable Windows 10 upgrade

Reboot the computer. After your computer comes back from the reboot, the Windows 10 upgrade icon should be gone from the task bar:

No Windows 10 upgrade icon after the reboot

That’s it. you shouldn’t get bothered with Windows 10 upgrade pop-ups anymore.