Boost the speed of your old computer by 50%

The title of this article might look a little catchy, but it’s true, we’ve been refurbishing many old computers at work using this simple tip I’m about to give you. Many people recommend upgrading the CPU or RAM or both in your computer when its running slowly, but what might be actually dragging your computer is the hard drive. most computers up until recently were shipped with either a 7200 RPM or 5400 RPM mechanical hard drive. RPM is a speed metric which means “round per minute” the faster the hard drive goes around, the better. both types of mechanical hard drives are outdated by now, and most modern computers are shipped with SSD hard drives. SSD drives don’t spin, so they are quieter and much faster than mechanical drives.


So to boost the speed of your old computer by 50% you need to change your current hard drive to a SSD drive. easy to say than done right? especially for a computer inept like you! No offense there I know, the procedure sounds a little geeky ,and intimidating for some, but changing the hard drive of a computer is not that hard really. you just need to buy the SSD drive (the SSD drive already comes with a cloning CD) and then you need to buy a hard drive adapter like this from your local computer store or Amazon, connect the SSD drive using this adapter to your computer, run the cloning CD, and clone the content of  your current hard drive to the SSD drive. the whole process is quick, and you won’t lose any data, in fact not even the wallpaper you have set on your desktop will change when swapping the hard drives.

and to be fair to people recommending to upgrade the CPU and RAM to speed up the computer, yes, there are some instances when those components need to be upgraded, but if your computer has a least a Core i5 processor or similar and 4GB of ram and its running slowly, then the culprit is most likely the hard drive. by changing the hard drive to SSD drive the boot loading time will change from a few minutes to a few seconds, and applications will open faster than your eyes can register.

so there it go, for less than 100 bucks, you can breathe a new life into your old computer.