Lenovo T400 Laptop Screen Resolution Problem – Corrupted ati2mtag.sys file

Lenovo laptop T400 and T410i series video cards need the vendor drivers to be installed in order to work properly. even Windows 7 needs the vendor video drivers to get the full screen resolution the video card is capable of. Lenovo T400 comes with the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3400 Series and Lenovo T410i comes with Intel GMA HD graphics card.

anyways, one of our users is using a T400 Lenovo laptop, and the video card mysteriously stopped working, and when I tried to reinstall the video card drives, I got the following error:


at the beginning I thought it was a virus that was preventing the driver from installing correctly, but after a full scan with Malwarebytes it found nothing. then I started looking into I/Qs conflicts, but again, I found nothing.

then I thought that probably it was a hard drive issue, and did a scan of the drive, and sure enough, there were some bad clusters on the drive that was preventing the driver from installing correctly.


after those clusters were repaired, the driver installed fine. it really took me awhile to find this problem.