Add/Remove Windows Component Error

Awhile back I installed a custom build of Windows XP on a developer’s computer, and a few days later he was trying to install IIS on such computer and he got some errors. Of course, he called me immediately to help him out with the IIS installation.

The error he was getting when clicking on the “Add/Remove Windows Components” button on the control panel was:

Setup was unable to open information file games.inf. Contact your system administrator.the error code was something like “error code is OX2 at line 20ll777033″

The reason he was getting such error is because when I built his computer I removed the “games” directory under the accessories folder. Somehow the Windows component window does not open when the directory is missing.

To solve the problem I needed to comment out some lines on the sysoc.inf file located at C:windowsinf directory. To do that go to the RUN command and type “C:windowsinfsysoc.inf” and hit ENTER.

note: the directory is hidden, if for some reason you don’t see it, unhide hidden files and folders on the folder options.

The sycoc.inf file should look like this:

sysco.inf file

there are 3 lines that you need to comment out, in order to have the add/remove windows component working. the lines are:

  • games=ocgen.dll,ocEntry,,,7
  • pinball=ocgen.dll,ocEntry,pinball.inf,,7
  • ZoneGames=zonesetupPro,images.inf,,7

to comment these entries out, just add two slashes “//” at the start of each string. for example, to comment out the first line, it will look like this:


after you make the changes save the file and try to open the add/remove windows component wizard again.. it should work.