Antivirus For Windows Server 2008

After installing Windows 2008 on my VMware Server virtual machine, the first thing I did was to install an anti-virus software. I won’t be browsing the Internet on this server, but it will be always connected to the network, so just in case a Trojan horse tries to find a haven on this machine, is better to have an anti-virus installed.  Read my previous post on the link below.
Installing Microsoft Server 2008 On VMware Server 2.0

this is a testing machine using a Windows 2008 trial version, which I’ll have to uninstall after the trial period expires, so for that reason I won’t buy a commercial Antivirus software for a server, but if you are setting up a server for a production environment, I recommend you invest in a more robust antivirus software than Clamwin.

One of the limitations of Clamwin is that it does not support real-time scanning, that means you have to manually start the scan in order to catch the viruses or spyware. The only thing we can do is setup a scheduled scan.

Let’s get Clanwin up and running.

Download Clamwin Antivirus from save the installation file in a folder on your desktop. The installation of Clamwin should be straightforward.

To setup the scheduled scan on Clamwin click on Tools, and select Preferences:

scheduled scan on clamwin

when  the clamwin preferences open, click on Scheduled Scans then click on Add:


The above window should pop-up.

Choose the scanning frequency you want to have. For me, daily scanning is a good option. Then choose the Scan Folder that, that should be your C drive. Add a description so you know that scheduled scan is setup. Close out of all the windows.

That’s it.