Create a new local user account in Windows Server 2016

When you install Windows Server 2016, the administrator account gets created by default, and it’s the account that is supposed to have the highest privilege on the server, but on Windows server 2016 you cannot even open the calculator with the administrator account ( I assume it is for security reasons, calculators are too dangerous you know Smile ) so  you need to create a new local account in order to open all the applications. I think the reason behind this is that you shouldn’t use the administrator account to open non-administrative applications or download apps from the market, etc.


Anyway, creating a new user account in Windows Server 2016 is not much different than in previous windows serve and its very quick and simple, here is how, just right-click the start menu and then click on Computer Management


Then expand the Local Users & Groups tree and right-click on Users and choose New User:


Fill out the New User form that comes up. remember to check Password never expires at the bottom:


Then click on Create.

If you want to add this account to the Administrators group, then click on on the Groups folder under local Users and Groups and double-click on the Administrators group:


Then click on Add on the screen that popup, type the name of the account you just created,  then hit Apply then OK


sign out from your administrator account:


And login back with the account you just created.. the calculator opens fine now!!



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2 thoughts on “Create a new local user account in Windows Server 2016

  1. Mr Mayor says:

    Is user licenses the same as CALS. Previous windows used to have default 2 Remote Desktop licenses.
    I want to buy server 2016 and have 5 users who shall be connecting to an application running on the server via Remote Desktop. I need clarity on what type of licensing I need

    1. Borismkv says:

      CALS represent either a User or a Device that connects to Windows Servers in the environment. The 2 remote desktop sessions that you can connect to by default are for Administrative use only, which means you cannot legally allow end users to use those sessions to access an application or do their work.

      If you want to follow the licensing terms, you need to purchase at least 1 User CAL for each user that connects or 1 device cal for each device that is used. If you only have two computers on your network that will connect, but 5 users, Device CALs would be recommended, but if you use that method, users will only be able to connect when they use one of the two devices to connect to the server using Remote Desktop. User CALs are consumed at login and released at logoff, so you can get away with having fewer User CALs than users, but only as many users as you have CALs installed can connect at a time. That said, legal requirements are to have as many user CALs as you have users in the environment.

      You would *also* need to get User or Device Server CALs. Remote Desktop CALs and Server CALs are separate entities, and you have to have both to be legal.

      You will want to discuss this in greater depth with a MS licensing rep, though, since my advice will not protect you in an audit.

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