Do You Need To Install Drivers For Your New Monitor?

If you purchased a new monitor, then probably you noticed there was a CD with the drivers for the monitor. and you might wonder, do you really need to install those drivers in order for you new monitor to function?

The short answer is NO that is if you are using Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7. why vendors include the drivers CD with the monitor if the drivers are not needed you might wonder? Well, there are many reasons why they include the CD. One reasons I have noticed is trial software. When you install the drivers for a monitor, other software gets installed as well by which the vendor might get a commission for. another reason why they might ship the driver CD is for people using old versions of Windows, or other operating systems that require drivers for the monitor to function properly. The conclusion is that in my IT life, I have never installed drivers for monitors. Please don’t confuse the monitor, with the video card.