How to get rid of Outlook unread synchronization Logs

Someone submitted a support ticket today complaining about her “unread” folder in Outlook being overtaken by synchronization log error messages:

unread messages in Outlook

This is what I recommended her to do to fix the problem.

Solution # 1

1. In Outlook, select the Unread Messages folder
2. Click the View tab on the ribbon
3. Click “View Settings”
4. Click Filter, then Advanced
5. Click Field and select Frequently-used fields and select “Subject.” Select “Doesn’t Contain” for Condition and enter “Synchronization Log:” for Value.
6. Click “Add to List” then “OK.”

Solution # 2

Right-click the “Unread Mail” folder, and click on Customize This Search Folder:


Then click on Browse:

unread messages

Then uncheck the Search subfolders check mark:

search subfolders

and click Ok.

According to the user, solution # 2 took care of her problem. I don’t think that solution fixes the problem, but it just hide the messages which is what people find annoying. I don’t know what generates those logs, but it seems like is ActiveSync.