OSticket Web Support ticketing System

If you are looking to set up a basic help desk open source support system then OSticket might be the answer. OSticket is a web-based lightweight PHP script that can easily integrate to any website wanting to provide customer support, or a small business looking to support internal staff. OSticket supports many features including:

  • ticket submission either by email or web form.
  • auto-response to customers. automatically send a message to the sender that the ticket was received.
  • assign tickets to staff, and allow to transfer them when escalation is necessary.
  • keep a history of all tickets.

and more.

I have OSticket installed on two sites, and even though I don’t receive many tickets from customers the script works flawlessly. I automatically receive an email in my mailbox when a customer submits a ticket, so I don’t have to be checking the dashboard itself for new tickets. when a customer submits a ticket the script automatically generates an auto-response with a URL and a ticket ID for the customer to check the status of the order. here is how it looks:

here the customer enters his/her email address, and the ticket ID generated by the auto-response email.


from this location, the customer can also create a new ticket. here is how the default submit form looks like:


this is how the staff panel looks like:

as you can see from the screenshot, OSticket also features a knowledge base module. and when tickets are too much, you can easily search for old tickets using the quick search button.

overall, OSticket is a very simple and efficient ticketing system. I would recommend it to anybody wanting to set up a basic web support system. with OSticket you can be up and running in a few hours.