Installing Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop

The soon to be released Ubuntu desktop version is 16.04. In this tutorial I will go step-by-step on how to Install it in a fresh new computer or virtual machine.

1. Downloading the ISO image

Download the ISO image from the Ubuntu website 

2. Burn the ISO image to a DVD or Flash Drive

If you are installing Ubuntu on your laptop or desktop, burn the ISO image to a DVD or flash drive, and boot the computer from that media.

3. Boot computer to installation wizard

The first screen you will get when booting from the DVD or flash drive device is the Ubuntu installation wizard:

install ubuntu

Click on Install Ubuntu

4. Installing Third-party Software

Choose to install the proprietary software for your computer. that includes drivers for your WFI card, Flash, MP3s codecs,  etc.

 prepare ubuntu for installation

You can also choose to download updates while installing Ubuntu. Sometimes the installation hangs when I choose that option, so I normally leave blank.

5. Installation Type

Here is where most beginners make mistakes. If you are Installing Ubuntu on a fresh computer, choose the first option Erase disk and install Ubuntu ( that will wipe out your entire hard drive and install Ubuntu ) If you are dual booting with another operating system, the choose Something else and configure the partitions manually:

Install Ubuntu now

Click on Install Now

6. Setup location

Choose your location

Ubuntu Location

7. Choose your Language

ubuntu language

8. Create local account

Ubuntu account

9. Finishing the Installation

after awhile, the installation should finish.

finishing the ubuntu installation

That’s it. Your are done installing Ubuntu.