Fixing "backOfficeStorage" MBX is not accessible Error When Opening OWA Folders

After Installing Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 on a Windows Server 2003, OWA was not working, After checking the ISS Manager folder structure, I got the following error when trying to open the Exchange directory.


Troubleshooting the problem.

After collecting information from the Internet, I got into the task of troubleshooting the problem.

The first thing you need to do is a backup of the current configuration just in case something goes wrong. to do that, on IIS Manager right-click on Default Website choose All Tasks then Save Configuration to file the following box should come up:

save configuration to a file

Browse to the Location and save the configuration file.

Delete OWA Virtual Directories

Delete the following OWA directories:

  • Public
  • Exchange
  • Exadmin
  • OMA
  • Microsoft-Server-ActiveSynch
  • ExchWeb

Confirm the deletion for all of them.

Recreating OWA Virtual Directory

download IIS) 6.0 Resource Kit Tools from Microsoft from the following link:

install it.

then go to Start > All Programs > IIS Resources > Metabase Explorer > Metabase Explorer:

Expand LM and right-click on DS2MB and choose Delete:

IIS explorer

now click on START and then on RUN and type services.msc on the services list, look for Microsoft Exchange System Attendant:

Microsoft Exchange System Attendant

restart the Service.

by restarting the Microsoft Exchange System attendant the OWA virtual directories were recreated.

and OWA should be working again.