What are Resource Groups in Microsoft Azure?

In Azure, a resource group is a logical container that holds related resources for an Azure solution. Resource groups help you manage and organize your Azure resources by enabling you to manage them as a single entity with common lifecycle policies, permissions, and tags


When you create resources in Azure, such as virtual machines, storage accounts, and virtual networks, they must be created within a resource group. All resources in a resource group share the same Azure region, deployment model, and lifecycle.

Resource groups provide a way to organize and manage Azure resources based on your organizational structure or application requirements. For example, you might create a resource group for each department in your organization, or for each application you deploy.

Resource groups also simplify the management of Azure resources, because you can perform management tasks on a group of resources rather than individual resources. For example, you can apply access control policies, monitor and alert on all resources in a group, and deploy and manage resources as a single unit.

In summary, resource groups in Azure provide a logical grouping mechanism for related resources, making it easier to manage and organize your resources in a consistent and efficient manner.