Configure A Linksys Router with a Static IP Address

Most home routers are used out of the box without much  customization. Some people don’t even setup a password for their access point, so they have their wireless access point wide open to the public. In this article I will show you how to change your router IP address from dynamic to static IP address.

Remember that if you are setting up a static IP address on your home router, you need to get the IP information from your Internet service provider (ISP) or get it from your current router configuration, but keep in mind that ISPs assign IP addresses dynamically, so your actual IP address could change anytime. now, if you are assigning the static IP address from your network, then make sure is in the same subnet mask as your other devices on your network, otherwise the router will be NATTED from your network. for example if your network use the class C IP address range 192.168.1.x then your router should have an IP address on that same range.

Setting up the Linksys router with static IP address

login to your router using whatever IP you have setup on the router, and click on the Setup tab. on the Internet Connection Type choose Static IP on the drop down menu:

static IP

on the setting fields that come up, enter the appropriate information.

  • Internet IP address: Enter your chosen IP address
  • Subnet Mask : Enter the subnet mask of your network here
  • Gateway : Enter the default gateway here
  • Static DNS : Enter at least 2 DNS server IP addresses

static IP addresses

click on Save Setting underneath and that should make the router use the static IP address instead of the dynamically assigned one.

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  • veton

    I have linksys Adsl and I cant connect with static IP , can you tell me please, because it doesent work?

  • Hi Veton, can you explain a little bit more the problem you have? is that a wireless router?

  • Ricardo Maceira

    I have a Linksys WRTP54G currently configured with dynamic IPs in my SoHo network (WiFi notebooks). Now I want to add an additional PC with a fixed (static) IP. Couldn´t find how-to in Linksys docs.

  • See ,I use a server at the house ,with I getit running remote from my pc ,but I got one those internet service by satallite,and can not conect n dyn service because the ip from the linksys not mach the ip ,fron the dns service ,can any one had aby ideas how can mset so I will set the ip from my dyn? thanks in advance

  • Pjob14

    Hi i have just purchased a Linksys WRTP54G and have a publicly assigned ip, i can get into the setup of the linksys and enter all values but when i hit save settings and come out, as soon as i reopen windows and browse ip is back to normal. any idea why it wont save settings? cheers Phil

  • Hi,

    I think someone has hacked into my router & is using my ISP to open over 8,000 pop accts.

    When I went to set up a new wireless printer, all the router settings I implemented a few months ago were gone : (

    Can someone recommend a really good geek I can hire to help me. I'm very nervous now.

    I was told to make my IP dynamic, NOT static, so why do you guys recommend static?



  • Csad2

    I did what was suggested, but then got a message about an ip conflict and lost internet- how do you do this without getting a conflict? i am trying to lock in the ip so my lousey hp printer will not keep needing to go offline

    • Anonymous

      you need to reserve the IP address you are using for the router, so no other devices will use it. or use another IP address out of your network range.. is that clear?

  • Jon

    I need a static IP for a MineCraft server that I am setting up. Of course I have little knowledge of this…. “Stuff”. I have no idea how to obtain a dns. Any ideas?

    • Jon

      I have a Linksys E1000 if that helps at all

      • Nelson

        Hi Jon, so you are setting up a MineCraft server ( is this a gaming server? ) basically a static IP address is the same as any other IP, the only difference in a static IP is that the IP address on your computer does not change when you shutdown or restart your computer. any ways, your computer already has an IP address, to see the IP address the computer is using do this:

        go to RUN, and type CMD. the command prompt will come up. at the command prompt type “ipconfig” without the quotes, and the network configuration settings will come up.. the IP address should be there..write down the IP address somewhere and follow this post on how to get to the network properties, and set the IP address from dynamic to static.

        let me know if this makes sense to you.. and don’t worry if it doesn’t..

    • Nelson

      ah, also, when you execute the “ipconfig” command at the command prompt, you will see an entry there for “default gateway” that number is normally the IP address for your DNS server as well. put that number for the DNS server required at the network property settings.

  • hung

    How to.restore the default wifi in windows 7.

    • Nelson

      restore to what? just reset the wireless router, if that’s what you need.

  • hung

    Please help me.

  • ben

    I am using windows vista. I would like to assign a static IP address to my computer. That is every time my computer is on my ip should be the same from the router.
    I changed the ip settings in network connections->properties->ipv4->to
    Pls tell me how to adjust the same in router setting.I am using a linksys e1000 router
    appreciate your quick reply

  • Thomas Williams

    I purchased a Sony 3D LED 60″ television with built in WI-FI. I have a Linksys router for my home. I can not connect to the internet. The television can not find the sever. I have followed the directions on the screen but no luck. Any suggestions?

    • Nelson

      Hi Thomas,
      Does the TV pickup any other wireless signal around?

  • Jubin Jacob

    Hi ,

    I have a lynksis router [WRT160Nv2] . I have 4 laptops , one that i use , 2 that my family people use and the other that my spouse uses . I was thinking of having a kind of work environment .. Let me explain

    >>> All the laps that connect to my network have an ip adress 10.10.x.x [DHCP] with gw
    >>> when done a ifconfig or ipconfig , the ip address shows 10.10.x.x

    How do i set this kind of network at my home using the lynksis router .

    I search round the net but didnt find any .. hope u can help me out ..

    u can reply to my mail id also

  • Michael Moorehead

    I am with Frontier Communications for my phones and internet and want to switch to Charter Business for the same services. The Charter technician informed me I would need my password(s) in order for them to install Charter internet. I don’t know what they are or how to access them. Is there a way I can retrieve these passwords or reset them and receive Charter Service. I have a Linksys wireless router………H E L P

  • shekhar

    i have a linksys wrt54gs router with a static ip….everything is fine with internet connection but as soon as i shut down my laptop..other users also cant access the internet as the ISP connection gets logout….

    Also other users have to depend on my laptop as it has the ISP settings to login…

    plz can anyone suggest how to overcome this??

    • piyal

      U have to keep your laptop on as u usually log in through a connection through web of your isp (usual case with static ip)
      U can do one thing.. connect through your phone / Tablet browser and then u can turn your lappy off and still be connected.
      Hope it helps

  • Satya

    works perfect for me !! Thanks for the info 🙂

  • Jake

    Hello, I am working with a linksys E2500. I have AT&T as a provider and they gave me a static IP (I was using PPPoE). When I put in the static information I can no longer connect to the Internet, but I can connect through my modem if I bypass my router. AT&T support told me I had to have my username and password for AT&T entered in the setup page of the router. I informed them that there are no fields for username and password on the setup page for static IP like there were for PPPoE. They then wanted to charge me $100 for ‘special tech support’ but I said forget it. Any suggestions?

  • Kyle

    Um hi i am using an android phone as a router its a myTouch 4g and i am making a minecraft server but i need to change it to a static ip [25565] in order to create it

  • Sergiu Braunstain

    How do you configure the linksys router which is not connected to the internet with IP static address.?If a switch is connected later to the router do I get the same static address.?

    Thank you for your time

    • Nelson

      Hi Sergiu, yes if you set the Linksys router with a static IP and later on you connect a switch to it the IP address won’t change.

      Thanks for your connect.

      • Sergiu

        Thanks Nelson.

        Can you give me some hints how to configure the Linksys router which is not connected to the internet ,with static IP address.
        You can use my email address :

        Thank you.

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