Windows XP Tutorials

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Updated February 19, 2017

Windows XP was officially released on October 25, 2001. It became one of the most popular Windows releases in Windows history. Windows XP is still widely used even though the OS is not supported by Microsoft since April 8th of 2014 anymore. In this section you will find some tutorials I wrote about Windows XP that might be useful to some people using Windows XP still.

Lenovo T400 Laptop Screen Resolution Problem – Corrupted ati2mtag.sys file

Lenovo laptop T400 and T410i series video cards need the vendor drivers to be installed in order to work properly. even Windows 7 needs the vendor video drivers to get the full screen resolution the video card is capable of. Lenovo T400 comes with the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3400 Series and Lenovo T410i comes with Intel GMA HD graphics…


Add/Remove Windows Component Error

Awhile back I installed a custom build of Windows XP on a developer’s computer, and a few days later he was trying to install IIS on such computer and he got some errors. Of course, he called me immediately to help him out with the IIS installation. The error he was getting when clicking on the “Add/Remove Windows Components” button…


Windows XP RDP Error When Connecting to Windows Server 2008

when using Remote Desktop on Windows XP to connect to a Windows 2008 Server you might get the following error: The remote computer requires network level authentication, which your computer does not support. for assistance, contact your system administrator for technical support. Network Level Authentication is a new authentication method on Windows Vista and Server 2008 that completes user authentication…


CD-ROM Exclamation Mark – Does Not Work

The other day I got a computer that somehow was not displaying the CD-ROM under My Computer. actually the CD-ROM was showing up under My Computer but it had an exclamation mark, and the CD-ROM did not work at all. after a little research I found a solution that worked perfectly for this problem. To fix the problem on Windows…


The error “the trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed” came up while trying to add a domain user to the administrator group on a local computer the other day. the reason probably I got the error was because the computer I was trying to add to the domain had been out of the network for a…


Why is Seaport.exe process running on my Computer?

As a computer tech I am very picky of what runs on my computer, so periodically I do a check of all the processes currently running on my computer, and that’s how I stumbled upon this process called “seaport.exe” which I have no idea where it came from, or what it does. certainly a quick Google search will help! apparently…


How to clean temporary Internet files with a log off script

The temporary Internet Files folder on your computer is a dynamic place, every time you visit a website on the Internet, all the web files composing that website get transferred from the hosting server to your computer Temporary Internet Files folder. that includes audio files, pictures and documents. so if you surf a lot on the Internet that Temporary Internet…