Change Product Key On Windows Server 2008

If for some reason you can’t change the product key of your Server 2008 under the My Computer Windows Activation option:

iWindows Activation

Do the following.

  1. Open the command prompt and change working directory to System32 directory
  2. Type in slmgr.vbs -ckms (this clears and KMS entry you may have)
  3. Type slmgr.vbs -upk (this removes any product key installed)
  4. Type slmgr.vbs -ipk xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx (where the x’s is the new product key you want to use )
  5. Type slmgr.vbs -ato (this activates the server)

after doing that, Windows Server 2008 should show up as activated.

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  • activating windows 2008 has never been easier

  • Josh

    Worked great thank you

  • someone

    I tried this but it installs product key but when i type slmgr.vbs -ato it shows error activating windows.

  • Murat

    Thank you so much, it really easy and worked successfully.

  • Worked great for me too. Thank You!

  • …. why not just click the change product key button under system?
    for example right click computer, click properties. change product key?

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  • Ben

    Thanks for this post, helped out great.
    @Techy – that button doesn't always work.

  • hi this shashikant i want to product key on server2008 server

  • Ashwani

    i m interested in windows server 2008

  • rushi

    hi this rushi i want to product key on server2008 server

  • Hans

    Works great, thanx, but only when logged as the administrator who originate installed the OS. Works not when logged on as a arbitrary domain admin

  • hello everybody,
    thanks for the help, but it didn't worked for me.
    it shows error 0*c004f050.

  • sir
    please give me server 2008 product key

  • please give me server 2008 product key

  • what server 2008 version does it apply to, enterprise, standard or what, failed to work on enterprise

  • I believe Microsoft have patched this ‘feature’. Good while it lasted though.

  • somann

    Ha ! Sir i want product key on server 2008 plz required of 2008 server

  • Kuby

    Great help!

  • Nuhi-milan

    pls how to product key pls

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  • Patrick Mortoti

    How can I do this for Windows 7 Ultimate?.


  • VPN

    Thanks we got our windows 2008 server aktivated :=)

  • Erskine Williams

    This was very informative and worked like a charm. Thanks

  • Milton

    Thanks, we activated our windows server 2008 R2,

  • megat

    how we can see the product keys for windows server 2008??

  • harish sharma

    received the message sucessfully acitvated windows but still showing the same product ID in my computer properties and getting not activated message also………