Windows Server 2003 Tutorials

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Updated February 26, 2016

Windows Server 2003 was officially released by Microsoft in April 24th of 2003. There were many Windows Server 2003 editions released to the public, but in general Windows Server 2003 packed some good features like DFS, IIS 6.0, Terminal services, Shadow copies, clustering, refinements in AD, etc. Server 2003 end of support life was July 14th, 2015. Server 2003 is still widely used today. In this section you will find some tutorials I wrote about Windows server 2003 back in the day.

How To Setup A Secure FTP (SFTP) Site With OpenSSH on Windows

today I had to setup a secure FTP server on Windows Server 2003, and after researching for awhile on what software to use, I went for OpenSSH. I had in mind to go with FileZilla but after reviewing OpenSSH for windows I was drawn to it’s simplicity. so here is what you need to do to setup a SFTP server…


How To Setup High CPU Usage Alerts On Servers

Since I had this incident with one of our servers I blogged about a few days ago ( link here ) I’m trying to be more proactive with these kind of problems, so I am the first person that know when there is anything wrong with any of the servers. for that reason I have set scripts on the servers…


Remind users to change their domain password is important to prevent security vulnerabilities on the network. there are many password reset and password change reminder tools out there that you can use to remind people to change their password, but if you have a tight budget, and a small users database in your AD, this script probably will work for…


64 Bit Printer Drivers On 32 Bit Server

Most computers are shipped with 64-Bit Windows OS from manufactures now, so it is becoming necessary to add printing support for 64-bit operating systems on network print servers, because the 32-bit drivers won’t work on a 64-bit operating system. I assume your print server already have 32-bit drivers for 32-bit systems support, and you want to add 64-bit OS system…


Configure Windows 2003 As Radius Server

If you are looking for a way to integrate enterprise wireless authentication on your network using active directory, then you should look into Windows server 2003 Internet Authentication service. with this simple add-on and a group policy you can have all your users on the network authenticating with their active directory user account, which is more secure than a generic…