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Updated February 13, 2018

Office 2010 is still widely in use. In this section you will find all tutorials related to Office 2010. Office 2010 will be supported by Microsoft until October 13, 2020

How to get rid of Outlook unread synchronization Logs

Someone submitted a support ticket today complaining about her “unread” folder in Outlook being overtaken by synchronization log error messages: This is what I recommended her to do to fix the problem. Solution # 1 1. In Outlook, select the Unread Messages folder2. Click the View tab on the ribbon3. Click “View Settings”4. Click Filter, then Advanced5. Click Field and…


A DDE error has occurred and a description of the error cannot be displayed – Excel

I just helped someone that was having this problem in Excel when opening multiple spreadsheets from the network. this is the error she was getting: the problem is that she had created some shortcuts to the network drives, and thus increasing the length of the path to such files. according to Microsoft only 218 characters are allowed on file path…


Customize Office 2010 Install

If you have office 2010 with a volume license product key and want to automate the installation process then hang on, I will show you how to do the whole thing in this post. customizing office 2010 installation have some benefits. some of them are: No need to enter Username, company name, and other repetitive information during the setup. No…


Import Emails From Gmail To Outlook

If you are new to Outlook, and are wondering how to import all your emails from Gmail to Outlook, then hang on, I will show you an easy way to get all your Gmail emails imported over to Outlook. Outlook offers a richer text formatting capabilities, and other advantages than the Gmail web based Interface, so Outlook is definitely better.…


Transfer Contacts From Gmail To Outlook 2010

Today a client came to me complaining her blackberry contacts were not synching with her Outlook. upon checking the contacts in her blackberry I noticed she had been saving all her contacts in her Gmail personal account. I had to transfer all her contacts from Gmail to her Outlook, so the contacts would sync with her blackberry through our BES…


Reduce a PowerPoint presentation file size almost by half

The other day someone was trying to send a PowerPoint presentation over email but our mail server has a send limit of 10mb and the file was bigger than that so obviously our mail server was kicking back her email. She asked me if I knew how to trim down the file size so she could email the thing. Here…


Outlook keeps asking for password

Lately a few users have been complaining about Outlook not updating and refreshing their new mail and Outlook constantly asking for a password. These are people within our network so Outlook should connect to our mail server without prompting for a username and password as long as their computers are joined to the domain and they are using the right…