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Updated February 26, 2016

In this section you will find tutorials related to Microsoft Office 2007. Office 2007 end of life support is 10/10/2017.

Import Contacts From Palm Desktop To Iphone

If you are one of those people upgrading from a palm pilot to an iphone probably you are having a hard time importing your contacts from the  palm software to the iphone. luckily there is always a way to do things, so in this article I will share some tips on how to do that. The only way to synch…


How To Remove Enable Instant Search Bar From Outlook 2007

When you install Outlook 2007 for the first time, you are asked if you want to install Microsoft Instant search. if you select yes, then you are redirected to the download page at Microsoft to download the desktop search component which is needed for the instant search feature in Outlook to work. in my opinion the instant search feature is…


Split .PST files into smaller files

If you been keeping all emails in your Outlook inbox or archive folders, then probably you already found out the hard way that .PST files have size limitation. according to Microsoft the ANSI code PST format has a storage limit up to 2 GB’s, and is the default format for office 2002 and earlier versions. the UNICODE format is the…


Office 2007 runs slow after installation

If you installed Microsoft office 2007, and now the computer is running slow every time you open any application word, excel, outlook, etc. then let me write up some tweaks you can do on the computer to speed it up.  I have noticed this behavior on Microsoft office 2007, and I believe it is because of updates running in the…


How to add a RSS feed in Outlook 2007

Adding a RSS feed in Outlook is very easy. just follow these few steps: from Outlook go to Tools and then click on Account Settings: The account settings option will come up. click on the RSS Feed tab: Click on the New button. add the URL of the feed you want to add. click on the Add button. that should…


Setting Up Outlook 2007 with RPC over HTTP

RPC over HTTP is a technology introduced in Outlook 2003 and Windows XP to connect to an Exchange server without using a connection like VPN, dial-up, or terminal server. you only need an Internet connection. many organizations use certificate to connect to their internal network, in that case you need to install the certificate first, and then setup the RPC…


Avoid Entering Username And Password When Opening Outlook Using RPC Over HTTP

A few days ago I wrote about how to setup Outlook using RPC over HTTP Setup Outlook with RPC Over HTTP and one of the things I mentioned in the article was to choose Basic Authentication under Proxy Authentication Settings. But as you might have found out, Outlook prompts for the user name and password every time it opens which is annoying to…


Outlook 2007 Runs Slow For No Reason

If your Outlook 2007 runs slow when opening up, replying, creating new messages, etc, and you are wondering why? then read on, I will tell you how to speed up Outlook 2007 on this article. the first thing you need to check is the Outlook 2007 version you are using. to do that on your outlook, go to Help and…


Make Outlook 2007 Prompt You For Username And Password

If for some reason you want Outlook to prompt you to enter the username and password to sync with your mail server when it opens, then do following: Go to Control Panel and click on the Mail applet. The mail setup wizard will come up: Click on the E-mail Accounts button. the Account Settings window will come up next. Click on the Change Button.…


Cursor not working when editting emails in Outlook 2007

this is a problem I’ve seen twice on users using Outlook 2007. when an email gets open and they try to edit the email, the cursor does not work. normally closing and reopening Outlook fixes the problem, but if that’s not an option for you do this while the email editor is open. Click on “Format Text” in the top…


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