Installing Hyper-V 2008 Server ISO Image From a USB Drive

Hyper-V 2008 R2 is 1.50 GB big, so it cannot be burned to a CD-RW media. the media needs to be either DVD-RW or a USB flash drive with 2 GB of free space or more. I know the DVD media is widely used for Hyper-V installations, but I find the installation from a USB drive to be quicker. so if want to save some time installing Hyper-V here is a 10 minutes procedure on how to make a USB drive bootable with Hyper-V 2008 R2.

In this tutorial I assume you are using Windows 7 and you have a USB thumb drive with 2 GB of capacity ore more. also, the USB drive needs to be formatted so make sure you don’t destroy important data in the process.

let’s get started.

  1. Run CMD.EXE as administrator:


at the command prompt type Diskpart:


then type List disk


your USB drive is Disk 1

type Select Disk 1


then type Clean


then type Create partition primary


then format the drive with this command :  format fs=fat32 quick


then type Active


type exit.


now extract the ISO image using an extractor tool like WinRar, and  copy the content of Hyper-V server to the USB drive we just prepared above.


after you copy the server content, boot the computer from the USB drive. the windows 2008 installation setup should start.

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