5 tutorials Exchange 2010

Microsoft Exchange 2010 was released to the public by Microsoft in November of 2009. many of the features found in Exchange 2010 are the DAG ( Database Availability Groups ) Client Access Server ( CAS ) RPC clients, Personal Archives, recoverable deleted items, etc. In this section you will tutorials related to Exchange 2010, and all its components.

Exchange 2010 Useful Mailbox Commands

These exchange 2010 mailbox commands are primary for my records because I tend to forget things pretty fast, but I work with exchange a lot, and keeping these commands at hand is useful. Get Mailbox Statistics about specific user and export those records to a text file. Get-MailboxStatistics “nelson” | Format-List StorageLimitStatus,TotalItemSize,TotalDeletedItemSize,ItemCount,DeletedItemCount > c:nelsonmailboxstats.txt Get…