4 tutorials Exchange 2003

Exchange Server 2003 was released to the public September 28, 2003. Some of the features of Exchange 2003 were enhanced disaster recovery, better Outlook Mobile Access ( OWA ) Exchange ActiveSync, Connection filtering, recipient filtering, Sender ID filtering, intelligent messages filter, etc. the end of support life for Exchange Server 2003 April 8, 2014. In this section you will find some useful tutorials I wrote about Exchange Server 2003.

Fixing "backOfficeStorage" MBX is not accessible Error When Opening OWA Folders

After Installing Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 on a Windows Server 2003, OWA was not working, After checking the ISS Manager folder structure, I got the following error when trying to open the Exchange directory. Troubleshooting the problem. After collecting information from the Internet, I got into the task of troubleshooting the problem. The first thing…