Installing the ownCloud Client in Windows 10

To install the ownCloud client in a Windows 10 computer go to this URL and under “Sync your data” click on the Desktop Clients URL – that will bring you to the download page. Click to download the client for Windows. The latest ownCloud client version at the time of this writing is 2.1.1. Click on the setup.exe file after the downloading is complete, and the ownCloud client installation wizard should come up:

ownCloud Installation Wizard

Click on Next.

ownCloud choose the components

Make sure the Integration for Windows Explorer option is checked, and click on Next again.

ownCloud choose the location

Chose the Destination folder normally the default is OK. Click on Install

owncloud -Finish Installation

After the installation is complete click on Next

Run ownCloud

Make sure the option Run ownCloud is checked and click on Finish.

ownCloud - Enter URL

Enter your ownCloud server URL, and then Click Next.

Enter ownCloud username and password

Enter the username and password and click on Next again.

Connect to ownCloud

Choose Sync everything from the server if you want to sync all the data in your account or Choose what to sync if you want to select what you want to sync. click on Connect after you’ve made your choice.

ownCloud installation finish

Click on Finish and the ownCloud client should be installed in your computer now.

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