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Updated March 13, 2018

How to protect against ransomware

Hi there, are you here because you want to prevent your computer from getting infected with a ransomware virus? I hope you do, because if your computer is already infected with ransomware, and you are searching for ways how to get rid of it, then you might be out of luck. It’s almost impossible to get rid of a ransomware…


Zeus virus detected – Your computer has been blocked browser message

If when browsing a random website you get a pop-up message on your browser like this: **Zeus virus detected – your computer has been blocked** Error virus – Trojan Backdoor Hijack # Don’t panic, if you haven’t downloaded and installed anything from that site yet then your computer is safe. Don’t do any of the things the message is asking…


Why Bitcoin is Unhackable

I’ve been interested in Bitcoin and in cryptocurrencies in general since I became aware of them around 2013. A friend and I set up a bunch of computers around that time to mine bitcoins but unfortunately, the difficulty rate was too complicated already by that time and mining with CPUs was pretty much useless. Once we got familiar with bitcoin…


How to turn off Google Chrome site notifications

If you are using the latest Google Chrome browser then you might have already noticed those pop-ups from certain websites asking you to show notifications. If you are annoyed or concerned by those pop-ups then here is a quick way to disable those pop-ups in Google Chrome. I don’t know when Chrome started doing this, but  it wasn’t long ago. To…