Migrate BES Users To New BES Server

Migrating users from one BES server to another is very simple, once you know how to do it. Yesterday I wrote a post on how to install and configure a BES server ( read the post here ) today I will write about how to migrate blackberry users from an old BES server to a new one.

I have tested this migration procedure from BES 4.0.2 to BES 5.0.3 and from BES 5.0.2 to BES 5.0.3. when migrating from one of these BES servers, re-activation of blackberry accounts is not necessary.

Step 1

Download the Enterprise Blackberry Transporter from here http://na.blackberry.com/eng/support/server_resourcekit.jsp Select “Download the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Resource Kit now” then Select Blackberry Enterprise Server Resource Kit v5.0 Service Pack 3 from the drop down. Click Next, then Select the download link for BlackBerry Enterprise Transporter 5.0 Service Pack 3.

once you have downloaded the Transporter, install it. preferably install  the transporter on the new BES server where you are planning to migrate the users to. the installation is straightforward, choosing almost just the default options.

step 2

Execute and run the blackberry transporter. the program should come up:


click on New and create a new Manifests file. I called me forevergeeksbbusers:


click on Save. now lets configure the Source Domain. this is your old blackberry server. click on Configure:


On the Label sect list choose “new” and then enter the Label, SQL Server, and Database name. if you don’t know these parameters, login to your old BES server and go to the “server configuration console, and you should be able to get that info from the data connectivity tab:


your source configuration database should look like this:


test the connection and then click on OK.

Now let’s configure the Destination Domain. this is your New BES server. enter the same information you enter above for your destination server. after you have done that, the destination database should look like this:


test the connection as well, and click on OK.

now let’s look for users to migrate. From the Manifests configuration section, click on Details:


then click on Find Users:


then on the find user Window, click on Server then select your source BES server from the drop down field, and then click on Find:


the Users will shows up on the Users field. select the users you want to migrate, and then click on Done on both windows.

now, click on the Console tab and click on Preview:


after running the preview, if you get errors, then check the ignore warnings and then click on Migrate:


that’s it. that should migrate the users you selected to migrate. check the console on the new BES servers, and the users should be already there.

very simple, uh.

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