How To Check If BES server Has The Right Permissions In Exchange

If you manage a BES server, then probably you have noticed that when you try to activate a new blackberry the blackberry does not activate. one reason why this happens is because the user account you are trying to activate on the blackberry does not have the right permissions in Exchange, and that’s why the BES server cannot complete the blackberry activation.

To check if indeed this is the problem there is utility in the BES server to check permissions for a specific user in Exchange. the utility is found on the following path:

“C:Program Files (x86)Research In MotionBlackBerry Enterprise ServerUtility” on windows 2008. it should be similar on windows 2003. when you execute the tool, you should get the following pop-up:


click on OK. then search for the user you need to check the permissions on the global address book, and add it to the list, and click on OK:


if the account is set with the right BES permissions, it should look like this:


if you get permissions denied, or other errors, then most likely you need to set the right permissions on exchange for that user.

I hope that helps.

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