Emails Not Deleting On Blackberry

last week I had a problem with one of our Blackberry users not able to delete some emails from his blackberry. the user claimed that he used to select a message and then choose Delete Prior and that would delete all the emails prior to that message. this time, for some reason this was not working. the first thing I asked him to do was to pull the battery off the blackberry and then put it back in, and let the device boot. then try again. nothing, still he could not delete the emails. then I told him to do this, hold the shift key and scroll down the emails as far as you want to delete with the track pad, press the menu button and select delete. that did not help neither, still the emails could not be deleted.


at this point I told him to hold on a bit until I examine the logs in the blackberry server, and going through the server logs I could not find any error or any hint about the issue he was having. very humbly I told him that probably there was nothing I could do to help him with the problem. I told him that most likely the blackberry needed to be wiped and re-synched again, and I was more than willing to do that for him if he had time for me to do it. he said it was no biggie and we left it at that.

the next morning he emailed me to tell me he had figured out the problem. here is his solution:

Under “general options” under “messages” you can set “Hide read filed messages” to YES and the emails previously unable to delete disappear from my blackberry inbox.

there it is, I think he knows more about blackberries than me ( because I personally have never used one ) so I gave him kudos for it.

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